In Memory of Henri

And suddenly time stands still

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With heavy hearts, we say goodbye to our dear friend Henri Vogel. His sudden death leaves a painful gap in our hearts and it feels like time stands still for a moment. 
We have experienced so many beautiful hours together, but it feels like our journey with Henri had only just begun. Just recently, we were celebrating the premiere of our documentary “Privileg” together and today we are searching for the right words to say goodbye to someone who left us way too soon.

Henri was more than just a friend to us. He was an amazing person with a huge heart. His warm and welcoming personality made it so easy to open up to him and feel like you truly belonged. With Henri, you could just be yourself without any judgment.

We remember the many precious moments we shared with Henri his endless dedication to the well-being others and his talent for bringing people together.

Our thoughts are with you, Henri! You’ll be greatly missed!

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